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Duplex Suite

  • Bed: 5
  • Capacity: 6
  • Size: 393m²


  • Electronic key card
  • 49’ LCD TV
  • Bedding: Non-feather pillows.
  • Multi-functional work desk
  • Wardrobe, Telephone, Alarm clock
  • Bluetooth music connection
  • Complimentary hight speed internet
  • In-room safe.
  • Iron / ironing board
  • Individual climate control.
  • Slippers and terrycloth bathrobes
  • Luxury bathroom amenities
  • Sustainable bathroom amenities
  • Hair dryer
  • Oversized umbrella
  • In-room dining service
  • 24-hour concierge
  • Universal AC/DC adapters, Socket near the bed
  • Mini-bar. Complimentary bottled waters
  • Separate bathtub and rain showers in select guest rooms / suites
  • Fully furnished / Fully modern kitchen equipment / Cooking stove / Microwave

They are the epitome of luxurious hospitality. The opulent house blends a serene bedroom and light-filled living room, cozy private study, and dining area, the 393 square-meter house comprises a spacious foyer, airy sitting room, spacious bedroom with dressing chamber, private study, and chic dining room which combine to create an undeniably versatile and elegant accommodation.

What is a duplex suite? Why has this type of housing been extremely attractive to the rich since its inception? Based on what differences, this type of apartment housing is classified in the high-end segment in the real estate industry? And the issue that many people are interested in Duplex Suite is whether to invest in duplex apartments or not, what are the advantages and limitations, hereafter, please refer to the article below.

A Duplex Suite is a fairly common type of residence in many hotels in Phnom Penh.
A Duplex Suite is a fairly common type of residence in many hotels in Phnom Penh.

What is a duplex suite?

Besides ordinary apartments with diverse areas, suitable for each customer, the investors also provide many other types such as Studio, Penthouse, Sky Villa, Officetel... and Duplex. However, these unique types often account for a very small number in a project, so Duplex suites are always the focus of many homeowners.

Initially, the term duplex suite first appeared in major US cities such as Manhattan or Chicago, then spread to many areas and countries such as England, Australia, and the whole world. Duplex suite is a type of housing that is quite picky because it requires a lot of investment costs, so it requires homeowners to meet funding conditions. Therefore, when it comes to owners of duplex apartments, objects such as big businessmen, artists, celebrities, and groups of people with high incomes... are considered suitable subjects. this type.

Many tourists have chosen the Duplex Suite as a familiar and favorite destination.
Many tourists have chosen the Duplex Suite as a familiar and favorite destination.

Features of Duplex Suite

Referring to the duplex suite, it is impossible not to mention the typical atrium architecture of this type. The concept of atrium here means that this apartment will have a ground floor and a first floor, between the two floors there will be a space "connecting" to each other like a large skylight and is usually designed in the living room area.

A duplex suite will be located on the top floor

Another feature that makes it easy for people to recognize this type of Duplex Suite is its prime location. With today's high-end apartment buildings, the location of high floors often belongs to expensive types such as Duplex, Penthouses, and Sky Villa. Normally, Duplex apartments will be arranged on the top floor of the building, but not the highest if there are more Sky Villas.

About the interior, the interior materials of Duplex Suite

All are selected from the most advanced and modern brands. Therefore, besides learning what Duplex is, you also need to know that this is a product for the elite and not everyone can own it.

About the architecture built in Duplex Suite

Duplex Suite is designed with 2 floors or more, stairs are designed right inside the apartment, no private space outside, unique Duplex design with glass material on the outside to maximize the viewing angle

In general, the Duplex Suite rooms still have a unique and luxurious beauty
In general, the Duplex Suite rooms still have a unique and luxurious beauty

Advantages of Duplex Suite

Being classified as an expensive house, what advantages do duplex apartments have compared to other types of apartments? Factors that we must pay attention to such as living environment, area, location of the apartment, architecture, infrastructure, and furniture,… Refer to the information below to understand more about duplex suites!

The modern and comfortable living environment with high-class facilities

If you want to find a modern living space that shows the spirit of freedom, generosity, and luxury, a duplex suite is one of the options that you should consider. But why is this apartment considered to have a modern living environment? Firstly, because in new high-end housing projects, duplex is invested, so the first modernity comes from the common facilities of the project.

Secondly, in addition to having a modern outdoor environment, the interior space of the duplex suite is always focused on investing in the most luxurious and extravagant style.

The synchronization between high-class interior and exterior is the key factor in creating a modern living environment for a duplex apartment.


A duplex suite is a penthouse, its location will be the top floor of the tower or apartment. However, it must be noted that the top floor is not the rooftop. If that tower has a sky villa or a penthouse, the rooftop will be for one of these two types. In addition to being at a high altitude, projects with the duplex investment often project with prime locations, located near the city center, the seashore, or near the river, as well as having beautiful views, bringing a sense of relaxation to the residents.

Unique architecture

A duplex suite is not a traditional type of housing. It is precisely according to the needs of people that this type is "improved" by the through-layer method. And this is the unique feature of a duplex apartment that cannot be designed in any form. For these types of houses with unique designs, the construction process will also be more complicated than traditional ones. Therefore, it is required that we have skilled and experienced workers to make the construction process as effective as possible.

Stylish and luxurious duplex apartment design

The design of a duplex suite must always take into account luxury and fashion. Types of luxury houses, traditionally, when designed, must show the class, personality, or the owner of the house. This will be reflected in the interior - exterior design, expensive and luxurious items will be arranged so that this space is either regal or personality. At the same time, the architects must calculate so that those items are in harmony with each other to create a common aesthetic for the entire apartment.

Large area

The characteristic of the area of ​​a duplex suite is "wide". A duplex apartment, in addition to the atrium, must be large to be considered a duplex. The area of ​​a duplex apartment is also not fixed, but also depends on the base area of ​​the tower, but the minimum area of ​​​​duplex apartments is from 250m2 to 500m2 depending on the size.

Spacious and airy living space

Similar to a penthouse or sky villa, a duplex suite also possesses a spacious and airy space. With the high position, plus the design of large windows, the duplex apartment can receive as much natural light and wind as possible. Spacious and airy are also factors that help apartment owners easily find a sense of relaxation when coming home. This is also the factor that makes homeowners willing to spend a large amount of money to own a duplex suite.

Luxurious and high-class interior

There is no doubt that the duplex's interior is meticulously invested and luxuriously designed. Usually, when designing the interior of a duplex suite, homeowners and architects will prioritize choosing styles with aesthetics that show modernity, and luxury. and comfort. Why does a duplex suite always need to ensure these factors?

Use glass doors to take advantage of light

To make it easier to imagine, you can understand that homeowners who come to duplex suites will often be investors who are not limited in terms of funding, they can afford to pay for high-class furniture to show their luxury. Wealth also satisfies the aesthetic requirements in their living space. At the same time, according to the principle, large apartments will be suitable for lavish, luxurious, and beautiful designs. This is like you know that if the item is in its right position, it will have the highest aesthetic effect. However, if interior design is like an art, any problem in this creative discipline can be flexible. That means if you can create harmony in the overall space, whatever style it will be, it will suit your home. At this point, choosing an expensive modern style or an elegant rustic style for a duplex suite will no longer be a problem.

Make the most of natural light

Taking advantage of natural light is an issue that many homeowners care about, no matter what type of apartment you own. We are always advised that letting your home receive a lot of natural light will make your space airier, and at the same time will limit pathogens that can arise from bacteria, if the living space is humid and not ventilated.

Does the duplex model attract the rich?

If you own a duplex suite, this will become easier, because thanks to the large area, there is a lot of side-scan catch the sun. In large and high-rise apartments such as duplexes, when designing, investors will use glass doors to be able to capture the most natural light as well as to enlarge the eyes to enjoy the beautiful scenery when owning expensive views price. To make it more convenient to use all kinds of glass doors, it is indispensable to equip additional curtains. Because there will be times when you need certain privacy in your space or simply cool the space in times of strong sunshine and high temperatures.

Nice and wide view

Beautiful and wide view” is considered as one of the factors for the duplex suite to become expensive and this is also the reason for this apartment to be sought after by more people. Although, unlike Sky villa or Penthouse, the location of a duplex apartment is not located on the top floor of the building, next to the attic is enough for the duplex suite to have far and wide views.

Enjoy a multi-story apartment like other types of housing

If the type of apartment house, it will not normally be designed with an additional first floor, but all rooms will only be arranged on the ground like a house with a common ground floor. But for the duplex suite, even though they are located in towers and buildings like other apartments, the architecture of the duplex will have a ground floor and the first floor like normal townhouses or villas.

The advantage of this is that although you are in the form of an apartment, your home area will be much larger than other apartments, so the arrangement of additional spaces such as an office, dressing room, room entertainment,... will be more flexible and not limited in the area.


Duplex suite as mentioned, this is inherently classified as a type of luxury housing, "half a pound" with other types of high-class residence such as villa, sky villa, or penthouse,... so Owning an expensive price is not surprising when it comes to the value of a duplex apartment. However, grandparents often say "you get what you pay for", when investing a large amount for this space, it will surely make homeowners satisfied with the utilities it brings as mentioned.

High earning potential

As a rule in real estate, the higher the location of the house, the more expensive it will be. Although the real estate market is always fluctuating due to many different factors, people's need for housing will never end. So simply understanding that future housing prices can only increase over time, investing in duplex suite promise to be a highly profitable investment.

High-security system

Because duplex suites are only arranged in high-end and high-end apartment projects, mid-range projects will usually not have this type of apartment. Why did Decox Design mention this in the "Security system" section of the duplex apartment?

Duplex is not just an investment space to enjoy life

We want you to understand that the security system of this type of house is extremely secure with modern and strict security methods to avoid theft or disturbing the privacy of the homeowner such as a security gate at the common gate. residence, 24/7 CCTV system, or security system in the elevators. Of course, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of residents is something that all apartment projects must do well, but there is one thing we must recognize high-end projects always have a security system. better security than conventional projects.

The Duplex Suite offers a variety of benefits, and that's exactly what makes guests happy.
The Duplex Suite offers a variety of benefits, and that's exactly what makes guests happy.

Distinguish between duplex suite and penthouse types

In addition to the information that needs to be considered when planning to invest in a duplex suite, distinguishing the differences between different types of housing with many similar characteristics is also information that you should learn. The following is information to help you distinguish duplex apartments from penthouses, let's take a look to get useful information for you.

The similarities between these two main types that we can easily see are:

  • Has a large area
  • Have a high position on apartment towers or high-rise buildings
  • It has luxurious and classy architecture and interior, showing the wealth of the owner
  • Have a nice view
  • Extremely high value and usually only suitable for the rich.
  • These two types do not have separate entrances like sky villas.

There are so many similarities, where are their differences so that we know that these are two different types of housing, see the information below to know the answer.

Luxcity Hotel & Apartment - one of the best hotels which have Duplex Suite 

Over the last three years, Luxcity Hotel & Apartment has been recognized as one of the very best Duplex Suites to stay in. Luxcity Hotel & Apartment is a venue located by Phnom Penh Megamall (under construction) and cafés, bars, and restaurants. Security is quite suitable for high-ranking officials. The hotel features accommodation in the Tuol Kouk district. The distance between Phnom Penh city center and the property is 2 km. 

Luxcity Hotel & Apartment offers a range of services by friendly and professional associates who embody traditional Cambodian hospitality combined with international standards.

It has 166 rooms on 25 floors. It also provides 24-hour reception, 24-hour security, and housekeeping service, a complimentary laundromat, high-speed Internet & one parking lot at an automated car park, a swimming pool, restaurant.

All of the classic rooms are provided with everything you need. Each unit also features an electric kettle, coffee/tea making facilities, and kitchenware. Begin the day with a continental breakfast. Local dishes are served in the gastronomic restaurant. You will find Mike's Burger House, Ho Kee Bak Kut Teh, and Vinissimo offering meals nearby. Luxcity Hotel & Apartment is a short distance from PP train station. You can keep fit with fitness classes and the gym.

Luxcity Hotel & Apartment

Duplex Suite in Luxcity is one of the very attractive places for tourists to stop for a vacation
Duplex Suite in Luxcity is one of the very attractive places for tourists to stop for a vacation

After reading this article, you must understand well the Duplex Suite room type in the hotel, right? Hopefully, this article on Luxcity can also help you choose the hotel with the best quality and favorite room. Don't forget to check out Luxcity too, we also have this room type and guarantee to bring you the best experience that no other place can. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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