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What are twin bed guest room ideas that sound so new?

If you often have guests, a guest bedroom is a must but the thing is if it's a single one, you'll be able to accommodate only one guest. If you have enough space, prefer a twin bedroom or even a shared guest bedroom for several people. How to design a shared guest bedroom to make it stylish and comfortable for everyone? First of all, find out how much space you have – is it enough for two or three beds? Guest bedrooms are usually not very large, often attic spaces and you may have not enough space for everything you wanna place. If there's not enough space, a bunk bed or beds is a good solution to the problem. Here are some ideas for twin bed guest room ideas that Luxcity has collected, hope it is useful to you.

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What are twin bed guest room ideas, why is it so hot right now?
What are twin bed guest room ideas, why is it so hot right now?

What are Twin Beds Guest Room ideas?

If you have enough space, never mind, just place two or three beds in your guest bedroom. The beds may be double or single, and their look – just like the rest of the home decor – depends on your wish only. Guest bedrooms usually continue home decor, so if you have a contemporary style, keep on going with it in the guest bedroom, too, and so on, and you may add some accessories or other decorations and artworks to make it more special. Style your guest bedroom with various textiles, and place some ottomans and cool curtains to make the space cozier.

Being the perfect host starts with creating the perfect guest room. Even if you're short on space, going the extra mile to welcome your guests will make them feel like they're right at home. It's no secret that getting a good night's sleep far away from home can be difficult, but these cozy guest bedrooms are the perfect inspiration to create your own dreamy nest for your visitors. 


The Guest room with a twin bed is loved by many people who want to have it.
The Guest room with a twin bed is loved by many people who want to have it.

Twin bed guest room ideas hot trend in 2022

Pink and gold bedroom

If you want to bring out your inner glam, a little gold can go a long way. While this design from the sunshine on Instagram, could be slightly polarizing, the calming pink and glitzy gold details will make any guest feel like a million bucks. And after breathing recycled air on a delayed flight for a few too many hours, who doesn't need a little sparkle in their lives? If you don't want to go this glam, a few high-end gold accessories (you can even DIY them) make a simple bedroom feel like a 4-star hotel.

Bed and Breakfast-Worthy

This enchanting bedroom is perfect for frequent guests. The designer chose a neutral palate, making it an ideal space for for-profit and dependable. The cool wood walls paired with simple bedding and antique wood furniture are reminiscent of a bed and breakfast in an oceanside town. This vintage look ties into any décor retreat seamlessly while creating calm for your guests. Just add a copy of 'Moby-Dick' and your guests will feel like they've traveled back in time.

Attic guestroom

Channel your inner camper with this rustic log cabin idea from Benson Builders for a guest room. The exposed wood walls, paired with those famous Pendleton wool blankets, are reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film—one your guests would love to star in. Rather than fill the space with furniture, this designer decided to use the entire attic for twin beds, giving the space a true camp-like feel. This is a great idea for summer homes and lakeside cabins.

Cool, Calm, and Stylish

A guest room should be calming and soothing, a space that makes your friends feel relieved when they finally throw their bags on the floor. Lifestyle blogger Nest Twenty Eight created a simple-yet-stylish look for this guest bedroom, using on-trend geometric accents and mustard yellow throws. Choosing neutral colors while tossing in a few bold accessories is a great way to create a clean-yet-chic look for your guests.

Green and navy blue bedroom

If your style is bold and bright, this is the perfect guest room for you. Blogger Kelly in the City started with a pop of green paint and used it as inspiration for the rest of the room's vivid accessories. Even if you tend to pick safe, neutral colors in your décor, a guest room is a perfect place to be brave with color and go a little bolder. A trundle bed, outfitted with equally intense blues and greens is a great option if you're low on space but host multiple guests often.

Cozy attic guest bedroom

This innovative idea from McNemar House on Instagram is the perfect solution for unfinished spaces. By draping sheets to cover the walls and picking a beautiful rug to toss over the bare floors, this designer transformed a completely sparse attic into a beautiful guest room. String sparkly globe lights and add flowers, and your guests won't even notice that the room isn't entirely completed.

Close up of colorful bed with a breakfast tray

No matter what space you provide for your guests, a little hospitality can go a long way. Pick up a few affordable breakfast trays and a French press coffee pot, and you can make your guest feel welcomed and loved. Greet them in the morning with fresh brewed coffee and pancakes, and they won't care if they're sleeping on an air mattress in the basement or an intricately designed guest room retreat.


These ideas have all been implemented by famous and professional designers
These ideas have all been implemented by famous and professional designers

Refer to the steps to build a beautiful guest room with two twin beds 

Rethink the Layout

Rethink the classic side-by-side vertical layout and orient two twin bids against a wall horizontally facing each other with a side table in between. Cuff Home is optional for a central table that fits all the kid's records and books.

Mix Patterns

Sky-high Suzani canopies make these twin beds in a room by Melissa Rufty super luxe and classic but also fun and unexpected. The matching skirts and intricate black and white pillows contrast nicely with the dainty floral wallpaper and traditional monogrammed coverlets.

Cozy Into a Corner

Nestled into a corner, this cozy twin bed in a room by Kevin Scott feels contemporary and fresh but also sweet and cozy for a kid in a smaller bedroom.


Hang a store-bought canopy from the ceiling instead of going the custom route that requires a little more commitment. In this purple design by Garrow Kedigan, the cream canopy complements the headboard and adds dimension.

Inspire Peace

The more the merrier, right? Beatriz da Costa created the ultimate resting space by cocooning the walls in a sky blue wallpaper that will inspire a carefree childhood but also lend itself well to a more mature age group as the occupant grows up.

Elevate it

This chic bedroom by Tamsin Johnson Interiors proves that, with the right styling approach, twin beds can look just grown up as a double, queen, or even king-sized bed. Here, a nearby chaise, elevated lighting, accents, like the mirror and curtains, and a tasteful color scheme do the trick.

Make Magic Happen

Interior designer Amir Khamneipur needed to squeeze a guest room into his small apartment for his nephew. So he created a pair of six-foot-long banquettes that pivot to become twin beds. They're customized with built-in drawers to store bedding, too.

Mix and Match

Just because they're twins doesn't mean they always have to match! Opt for complementary bedding in varying tones and shades for a more eclectic and unique look. Take note of this laidback yet polished bedroom by Heidi Caillier.


Smart mix-match ways can help your room become more spacious and comfortable
Smart mix-match ways can help your room become more spacious and comfortable

Stay Timeless

Breegan Jane opted for contemporary, transitional pieces here. From the sculptural lamp to the suede bedframe, graphic throws, crisp bedding, and abstract artwork, everything feels both youthful and timeless.

Prioritize Comfort

Polka Dots walls and a sharp black lamp help anchor this sweet bedroom by Brittany Bromley. Stacked with plenty of pillows and luxe bedding, these shabby chic twin beds are sure to inspire sweet dreams.

Do Double Duty

Three twin beds along the back wall of this media room by Charlotte Barnes double as extra beds for sleepovers but they also function as comfy sofas for viewing parties.

Add Privacy

Give twin beds in a shared bedroom some privacy with a cutin certain. This long and narrow space designed by Cameron Rupert Interiors features a whimsical style and practical built-ins.

Blend Repurposed Antiques

Imaginative wall decals and playful bedframes make this bedroom by Ellen Niven ensure a kid-friendly mood but classic investment pieces like an antique dresser provide longevity.

Build It In

Arent & Pyke opted for modern, sculptural pieces that strike that very careful balance between playful and grown-up. From the striped table lamp to the wooden stool, graphic rug, linen bedding, and eye-catching rug, everything feels both youthful and timeless. The Kelly Wearstler-upholstered headboard is both sophisticated and wild, while the soft pink walls lighten the mood. It really could make someone of any age feel at home.

Clean It Up

Turning your grown kid's bedroom into a guest room? You can't go wrong with twin beds featuring classic white bedding and headboards that match the wallpaper. Embroidered coverlets give them a formal, traditional look, while gingham skirts are a delightfully playful finish.

Break Up Symmetry

Hang one piece of artwork between the two beds to break up the perfectly symmetrical look for a more modern aesthetic. The Novogratz also switched things up with mismatched throw blankets and a bright red backdrop.

Give It a Sense of PLace

This is not your average kid's room—it's much, much cooler, and it has a strong sense of place. The green bedding and curtains bring a fresh and vibrant burst of energy to the antique wooden beds, terracotta floor tiles, and cool gray walls.

Upgrade Them for a Teen

Canopy beds are cool no matter what, a wild print makes one even more fun. Also, why use an end bench when you can install an indoor Lucite swing at the foot of your bed instead? Leave it up to Studio Heimat to knock the teenage bedroom design out of the park.

Go Vertical

When you can't fit two twin beds side-by-side, stack them on top of each other! Whether you go the classic bunk bed route of your put a trundle bed under a loft, make sure to pile on all the cozy textiles as Rayman Boozer did here.


Follow these steps and try them out for great combo ideas!
Follow these steps and try them out for great combo ideas!

After reading this article, you must also understand the idea of twin beds in the most beautiful and hot trending living room in 2022, right? At House Beautiful, we're big fans of twin beds in guest rooms and children's rooms, alike. There's just something about the symmetry of two beds side-by-side that makes them doubly fun to look at and decorate with. So we decided to spotlight our favorite designer bedrooms with twin beds to make the rest of the world fall in love with them, too. Whether you're designing a bedroom for actual twins, or you want to create a flexible, kid-friendly guest room, the twin bed decorating ideas below will set you up for success. Please contact Luxcity if you have any questions that we need to solve!

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