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Top 10 the best central point hotel in Phnom Penh [Recommend]

The strong growth of Phnom Penh's economy in recent years has created a premise for the restaurant-hotel industry to develop rapidly. The best central point hotel in Phnom Penh is continuously opened with a full scale from 2, 3 stars to 4, 5 stars to meet the diverse needs of customers. Many investors do not hesitate to spend a huge amount of capital to build a high-class hotel, fully converging elements from beautiful views, luxurious design, modern equipment, and good service quality... providing customers with the most comfortable and satisfying stay. So have you found the best central point hotels while staying in Phnom Penh? Let's learn with Luxcity the secrets to make it easy for you to choose.

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One of the best central point hotels in Phnom Penh
One of the best central point hotels in Phnom Penh

What is the central point hotel?

Central Point hotels are very large hotels with many rooms and modern facilities. It is usually a built-in big city, urban center, or densely populated center to serve guests traveling for public purposes, participating in conferences (workshops), sports events, visiting relatives, shopping, or visiting culture. These hotels operate year-round. The service here is considered to be the best compared to other hotels in the area.

Often there will be senior officials coming here to enjoy their vacation or organize conferences and seminars, so the capacity of the rooms is also quite large. This type of hotel model is very popular in Phnom Penh - a very large capital with developed tourism industry. If you have a chance to come here for a visit, I think you should book the best Central Hotels in Phnom Penh to have the best experience. So let's find out the characteristics of these hotels in the next section!

Features of central hotel Phnom Penh

Central Point Hotel in Phnom Penh is a residential project built on a very large, luxurious, and modern scale. Mostly to serve senior officials and their conferences and seminars. So what are the specific characteristics of a Central Hotel here? Hotel design may vary slightly depending on the investor. However, basically, a Central hotel must meet the following basic characteristics:

  • The central hotel in Phnom Penh must have a beautiful design and many luxurious amenities.
  • Convenient location for traffic, 24/7 service time.
  • The design style is special and beautiful, showing elegance and nobility, making a good impression on guests from the first time.
  • City hotels and resort hotels need to reach a very large scale and capacity.
  • The rooms of the Central Hotel must be beautifully designed, safe, and classified into many different room classes, meeting the needs of each object. For example, conference rooms and seminars for senior officials are essential. At the same time, fully equipped with equipment and comfortable furniture.
  • There are basic services for customers and other care services such as beauty, dining, and shopping in a modern and luxurious way. There is a restaurant serving Asian - European dishes, and a breakfast buffet for guests with high-quality food and drinks.

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The characteristics of such hotels often have many good services and modern facilities
The characteristics of such hotels often have many good services and modern facilities

Criteria to evaluate the best central hotels in Phnom Penh? 

Hotel design

The best central hotel in Phnom Penh must be a hotel with a beautiful, luxurious, and appropriate design. With a geographical location located in the central area, these hotels must always be designed with "premium" to meet all the needs of customers. For example, some people like the European style, some people like the neoclassical style, some people like the dynamic, modern style... And no matter what their preferences, the only common point is comfort and convenience.

In addition, this type of hotel needs to be taken care of more from the outside design to the interior. All arrangements and layouts are highly scientific and appropriate, from color to design. Limit the conflict of feng shui or arrange furniture that causes uncomfortable and uncomfortable feelings for guests when they come to stay.

Clean hygiene

Hygiene is one of the very important issues in evaluating each best central hotel in Phnom Penh. No matter how good your service quality is if the customer sees stains on the bedding or the cotton towels are not clean, it will not be able to satisfy them. Therefore, hygiene is always a factor that central hotels pay great attention to and consider a survival principle of the hotel. You should also remember that a hotel with clean toilets will be appreciated and more people love and choose.

Service attitude

Service attitude is one of the most used hotel evaluation criteria. As the "gods", customers always want to receive the best service quality, not only beautiful design, and full service but also staff's service attitude, smiles, and words of enthusiasm. Blooming in communication also helps the central hotel become more "premium" in the eyes of customers. The higher the hotel, the higher the service attitude is required.


The service attitude of the staff is one of the prerequisites to evaluate whether the hotel is really high-class or not
The service attitude of the staff is one of the prerequisites to evaluate whether the hotel is really high-class or not

Equipment and utensils in the central hotel

Equipment and facilities in the central hotel Phnom Penh or comfortable equipment is also one of the standards used as a measure to evaluate the hotel. In addition to ensuring the necessary items, central hotels are often equipped with appropriate equipment. Appropriate here means matching the class of the hotel, matching the customer target that you are aiming for. For each customer, there will be different utensils and items, so these hotels often capture the psychology of customers to choose modern equipment.

The above criteria, hopefully, can help you understand the criteria of central hotels. From there, you can choose for yourself really high-class rooms, worthy of the cost you spend. If you want to rest in high-class hotel rooms, please contact Luxcity Hotel & Apartment, we believe that will make you satisfied and bring you truly memorable experiences with your loved ones.

With modern architecture, central location, modern facilities, spacious rooms, fully equipped equipment along with standard service quality, Luxcity Hotel & Apartment will bring you a great experience and live in a really high-class hotel room. Contact us directly for the best advice and support.

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Luxcity Hotel & Apartment meets the needs and criteria of the best central hotel in Phnom Penh
Luxcity Hotel & Apartment meets the needs and criteria of the best central hotel in Phnom Penh

Experience choosing the central hotel in Phnom Penh

1. You should choose central hotels that are rated as having the service attitude of the staff

These are the criteria that the best central hotels in Phnom Penh need to put first. Because the attitude of the staff is the clearest reflection of the quality and service of the hotel. Ensuring professionalism, and a friendly and open attitude is not only the responsibility and obligation of the staff but also a bridge to bring tourists back to the hotel on future visits to Phnom Penh.

2. Try to refer to the facilities in the room

To make your trip to Phnom Penh complete, choosing a central point hotel with full facilities is indispensable. In-room services such as air conditioning, bathtub, and furniture,... will be the perfect highlight for a relaxing time at your hotel.

3. Priority is given to clean and decent Central hotels

The cleanliness and tidiness of the room are the first steps in the customer's eyes. A central hotel that regularly changes sheets cleans bedsheets, and cleans furniture and floors will leave a good impression on customers, deciding whether customers will return next time or not.

4. Central hotels in Phnom Penh with airy, harmonious space is always a better choice for you

Comfort with a beautiful view, and ensuring privacy is the final criterion and also one of the deciding factors in the choice of tourists. An airy space is not only a "medicine" to help customers have moments of relaxation but also for them to feel safe and familiar as if they were in their own home.


You should choose central hotels that are neat, tidy and clean
You should choose central hotels that are neat, tidy and clean.

Top 10 best central hotels in Phnom Penh 

1. Luxcity Hotel & Apartment – ​​the ideal accommodation to meet all customer's criteria

Located in the center of Phnom Penh, with easy access to the airport or famous attractions, Luxcity is considered one of the luxury hotels in Phnom Penh with the best price. Not only that, the system at Luxcity Hotel & Apartment is also classified by grade, price, and area to help customers easily choose according to their preferences and needs.

More specifically, Luxcity hotel is also designed in a luxurious modern style, with a system of many rooms with airy views, equipped with many large glass windows to welcome natural light into the room, creating for visitors. the feeling of relaxation, in harmony with nature.

Finally, with a team of professional, polite, and well-trained reception staff and service staff, Luxcity is confident in always satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Luxcty Hotel & Apartment


Swimming pool service and many other amenities are available at Luxcity Hotel & Apartment
Swimming pool service and many other amenities are available at Luxcity Hotel & Apartment

2. Raffles Hotel Le Royal

Raffles Le Royal went into operation in 1929 with a bold design in Chau U because it was designed and built by the French in the process of occupation of this land. In the past, this hotel is the right to series of stars, and celebrities in the world like Jacqueline Kennedy

3. Palace Gate Hotel & Resort Hotel

Although a new member of the luxury hotel system in Phnom Penh, Palace Gate Hotel & Resort has created an impressive wave for every customer. This hotel was inaugurated in April 2017, a five-star project recovered from an old villa of French colonialism. On a wide campus, we have an outdoor pool, indoor hotels, and a terrace bar so that every customer has a great time with family and friends.

4. InterContinental Phnom Penh Hotel

InterContinental has been a large investor in Phnom Penh capital for two decades. With a famous reputation worldwide, he has created a class-class hotel right on the land of the city. It will take about 15 minutes to move by Tuk Tuk car from the city center to come to this building.

5. Rosewood Hotel Phnom Penh

Rosewood Phnom Penh is also a new hotel, it was inaugurated in 2017. This skyscraper is located right near Vattanac Shopping Center, about 500 meters from Wat Phnom and 900 meters from Riverfront Park. Some of the most impressive amenities in Rosewood Phnom Penh are 175 comfort rooms, two restaurants, and a bar Sora on the terrace.

6. Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra Hotel

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra is a member of the five-star service standard in the Sofitel system in the capital. Located on a large land, the overall room of this address is up to 201 rooms, two large pools, a bodybuilding center, spa, and a system to the restaurant. With French french decoration, this hotel makes you walk out of the noisy, crowded capital to reach peaceful and luxurious land.

7. Bale Phnom Penh Resort

Bale Phnom Penh Resort is an excellent five-star choice for class holidays in Phnom Penh. At this resort, customers are entitled to enjoy classroom time in the system of rooms, restaurants, outdoor pools, bars, and public areas in public areas. This address is also a famous place for visitors to play on a bicycle.

8. Cambodiana Hotel

As a famous name in history, Cambodiana Hotel continues to promote its strength to the present. The jewels are located right on the banks of the Mekong River on the idea of ​​building between the 60s of the twentieth century.

9. La Rose Suites Hotel

La Rose Suites Hotel is one of the beautiful small addresses hidden in the crowded area of ​​Phnom Penh. This building has only 68 guestrooms with two single bedrooms and double beds. However, this is an attractive destination for guests to travel alone or follow couples.

10. Iroha resort

Iroha resort is full of Iroha Garden Hotel & Resort. This address provides a rest option with different parts for visitors to the capital of Phnom Penh. This resort is equipped with 4-star service with 20 rooms, an outdoor pool, a tropical garden, and a spa area. Here, customers can organize level meetings at the hall in the work zone.

It can be seen that the rapid development of the socio-economy in Phnom Penh has brought new winds to develop tourism as well as expand hotels on this land. Although there are many difficulties in the process of getting to the country, the city has also achieved many achievements in building a class tourism service system. That gives them countless of the best central hotels in Phnom Penh ready to serve the needs of the luxury segment. Point over a few most prominent names, Luxcity believes that you have found yourself great suggestions for your coming here to Phnom Penh. Or in addition, you can refer to Luxcity Hotel & Apartment, we currently have the largest discount program in the year. If you have a need, please contact us to be registered promptly!

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