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Top 5 Resorts near Phnom Penh have the best price [2023]

At least once, each of us will fantasize about staying at a luxurious, comfy, and contemporary resort. Indulge in luxurious treatments and immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty. The first question that brings you back to earth, however, is "Where's the money?" Don't worry, because after you share the information below, you'll be able to eradicate the misconception that luxury resorts are exclusive to the wealthy. However, we also have access to numerous more inexpensive resorts. It is essential that I have experience and work diligently to find offers. Here is a summary of the top resorts with the lowest pricing near Phnom Penh that I have compiled. We hope that we can assist you in locating the ideal location to enjoy your trip.

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Resort in Phnom Penh is very popular and preferred by customers
Resort in Phnom Penh is very popular and preferred by customers

What is the resort?

A resort is a type of resort built independently into populations of villas, villas, apartments, bungalows, etc., in an area with beautiful scenery and an attractive environment for the main purpose of serving. Tourists come to relax, visit and enjoy the scenery. A special indispensable thing for the resort is that it must be built in an area that guarantees a beautiful landscape to meet the high demands of tourists. schedule about a place that is both relaxing, and sightseeing combined with attractive sports - and entertainment activities.

Features of resorts near Phnom Penh

Resort services in Phnom Penh are increasingly competitive and developed compared to other countries in the region as well as in the world with outstanding features. Specifically:

Resorts near Phnom Penh, in terms of business organization, are always in the form of joint ventures with foreign countries or 100% foreign capital. It is for this reason that the experience in management, business travel services, or the latest design trends in the world are brought here by leading corporations.

The blend of modern and traditional architecture is easy to see in resorts near Phnom Penh. Whether it is a foreign joint venture or 100% foreign capital, the locality is still a priority for investors to bring absolute comfort to the tourists here.

It is invested by foreign investors, so the way to organize foreign study management. The resorts here often apply management methods according to resort standards in the world. The integration is reflected in the way of operation and management of foreign corporations investing in resorts in Cambodia.

Because they are operated according to the standards of foreign corporations, they are resorts of top quality, so the resort's staff is always strictly selected to meet all requirements of customers. God.

The travel needs of the majority of tourists are increasingly focused on the convenience and comfort of the place to stay to meet all needs. That is why the most luxurious resorts are the perfect solution for a true vacation. Don't forget that the purpose of the move is to relieve stress and mentally rewind for the coming days. Pampering yourself at a classy resort is something you should try once in your life.


The feature is what attracts tourists to the resort in Phnom Penh the most
The feature is what attracts tourists to the resort in Phnom Penh the most

Factors that create the type of Resort near Phnom Penh

1. Large space – close to nature

One feature you can easily see is that resorts near Phnom Penh are often built next to the beach or hilly areas in a large campus, with an area of ​​​​up to tens of hectares. The reason resorts are often built in these locations (away from urban areas and densely populated areas) is to meet the needs of resorting in a quiet space, enjoying the fresh air, and immersing in the fresh air. tourists' nature. In the common space of the resort, the construction area only accounts for a small percentage, and mainly the exterior is carefully cared for.

2. Synchronous, unique architecture

Resort architecture in the Phnom Penh area is often built-in long blocks or includes independent villas. Today, resort architecture is gradually following the trend of building low-rise buildings, isolated from each other with a combination of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, etc., bringing a sense of closeness to nature. The resort's architectural space is not simply the arrangement of rooms or reasonable facilities, but the design, construction, and interior layout of the resort always focus on synchronization and uniqueness. Unique and harmonious harmony between the blocks of accommodation, the resort complex, and the surrounding natural scenery.

3. Attached to the unique local characteristics

The design ideas for resorts are often combined with local features to create a unique and attractive feature for each resort.

In Phnom Penh, with its diversity - rich in regional culture - this is an ideal condition for investors to build a unique resort design idea. However, the idea, no matter what is towards a natural design style to satisfy the needs of tourists who want to find the popularization, and immerse themselves in the natural surroundings, and the domestic wind.

4. Service quality according to international standards

Most of the resorts in Phnom Penh currently operate in the form of joint ventures managed by international hotel management groups or built and operated by 100% foreign-invested enterprises. Therefore, the management method and service quality in the resorts often comply with international standards with clear requirements on the dress, how to greet guests with a smile, and the service process…


Many people like to experience the resort because of the cool and close escape space
Many people like to experience the resort because of the cool and close escape space

Benefits of staying at Resorts near Phnom Penh

1. Resort tourism is associated with green, airy, and private space

As tourism demand increases as well as the development of resort tourism resorts near Phnom Penh now invest a lot in taking care of the campus. Surrounding a resort will be the green patches of trees, flowers, soft grass, and the fresh green of the swimming pool and the long sea. Blue always brings a feeling of relaxation and security, especially calms feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

Tourists are more and more interested in natural values, originality, uniqueness, and modern utility values, so today's resorts invest carefully and aim to perfect the accommodation space and landscape vision. visitor member. Now, hundreds of resorts are designed with diverse themes: classic, modern, wild nature for visitors to choose from.

2. Vacation is the maximum time to regenerate energy

Think about it when you get away from busy work, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, close yourself to a resort full of green and golden sunshine, eat and rest in moderation, it's only from 4 to 7 days, you will completely feel the change of body as well as mood.

Convenience spa services, massage pools, mud baths, and hot springs are extremely popular at 4-star resorts and above. Each place will choose its own form and design to highlight the unique features of the service there. You will experience a natural process of re-energizing and recuperating when you experience these types of services.

3. Carefree fun with all-inclusive services at resorts

If you want to have a "wholehearted" time for fun, entertainment, and relaxation, resort tourism is the first choice. At mid-to-high-end resorts, basic needs such as housekeeping, food service, or laundry are arranged at the request of guests, with a surcharge or not depending on the location. where you choose. Usually, in resorts of 4 stars or more, those services are all paid for with the stay.

In addition, with large resort campuses, in addition to room services, there are always a variety of restaurants to enhance the culinary experience for visitors. There are places that even specialize by classifying restaurants so that diners can easily choose according to their preferences.

As at Luxcity Hotel & Apartment, there will be restaurants for general buffets. You can enjoy delicious food with your family or friends. Organizing a BBQ party for yourself is a very interesting experience at Luxcity Hotel that you should try.

Not only a restaurant, but a movie theater, swimming pool, water park, or children's play area are also all "integrated" into the same campus with a design that is worth thousands of "virtual living" photos.

4. Resort tourism helps to enjoy the union atmosphere, suitable for diverse audiences

Resort tourism is a "natural catalyst" to help connect members on the trip. The benefits of resorts with separate villas or apartments increase privacy, allowing you to fully enjoy the rare union atmosphere in today's busy life. Book a comfortable 3-bedroom villa in the resort for a large family from 9 to 12 people, your family will fully enjoy the feeling of a private and warm reunion like at home.

Resort tourism is also a specific type suitable for the vast majority of subjects, regardless of age or relationship. With the current resort development, many facilities have been created to serve the elderly and children, making them interesting experiences. Besides, it is like a meaningful gift you give to your family.

If it is a trip with a group of close friends or colleagues, resort tourism is a time for friends to get close and share more with each other, through fun activities and sports experiences at resorts. . The purpose of resort tourism is still to create spiritual value, connect and relax physically for people.


The benefits of the resort here are what keep customers and make them want to come back here again
The benefits of the resort here are what keep customers and make them want to come back here again

The top 5 Resorts near Phnom Penh have the best price 

1. Luxcity Hotel & Apartment

This is one of the best resorts near Phnom Penh. Luxcity is known for its various enticing preferential services for clients and is centrally positioned in Phnom Penh's Doun Penh. An outdoor pool, a buffet restaurant, and spacious air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and neat, clean balconies are available.

You'll find a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar, and a safety deposit box in each of the hotel's guest rooms. A seating area and a private bathroom with a bath, shower, and hairdryer are also included in each room. In the room, there is free bottled water.

The property's recreational amenities include a fitness center and billiards. A ticket service, a tour desk, and luggage storage are also available. The restaurant of Luxcity Hotel & Apartments serves a daily breakfast buffet. Taiwanese cuisine is served for lunch and evening. At the bar, guests can order a range of drinks, including beer and cocktails, for even better deals the next time they visit. 

Luxcity Hotel & Apartment


Luxcity Hotel & Apartment is one of the resorts with the best quality service in Phnom Penh.
Luxcity Hotel & Apartment is one of the resorts with the best quality service in Phnom Penh.

2. Himawari Hotel Apartments

Perched on the idyllic setting of Tonle Sap River, banks of the Chaktomok River, be immersed by the essence of serenity at Himawari Hotel Apartments; a five-star establishment. Enjoy splendid views of the Mekong Delta in a tranquil resort haven. Be pampered in the Himawari Suites and Apartments where you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of home. Take pleasure in our hospitality as we lavish upon you within the alluring sanctuary.

3. Baitong Hotel & Resort

Urban meets nature. Prepare to be inspired. At Baitong, quintessential design elements meet you around each corner and down every corridor. Our unique 

architecture with lush gardens, minimal ponds, cascading Jacuzzi, striking staircases, glass-bottomed pool and walkway, and other bold features will enhance your stay. Rough stone, unfinished wood, leather, and metallic finishes are mixed & matched to create the feel of industrial functionality while adding warmth, comfort, and simple sophistication.

4. Palace Gate Hotel & Resort

Only 11.5km from Phnom Penh International Airport, located adjacent to the splendors of the Royal Palace and within a short walking distance of the bustling Riverside area of Sisowath Quay. Palace Gate Hotel offers you luxurious accommodation in perhaps the city’s most convenient location.

5. Duong Chan Hotel

Duong Chan Hotel is a 4-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Phnom Penh city. A rooftop outdoor swimming pool with stunning skyline views. Just a 2-minute walk from Independence Monument and surrounded by city’s attractions such as National Museum, Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, Riverside, Central Market, Russian Market, Aeon Shopping Mall, and only 45 minutes drive from Phnom Penh International Airport.

Indeed, the Resort is the perfect resort, providing a variety of services from spa to entertainment, and dining for customers. The goal of this type of resort in Phnom Penh is to help you have the best experience while awakening all your senses. You will have your own space to escape the stress, responsibilities, and rush of daily life. And don't forget, if you want to enjoy your trip in the most comfortable way, don't forget to contact Luxcity Hotel & Apartment to book as soon as possible and receive the biggest offer for the year.

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