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Top 10 the best Italian Restaurant in Phnom Penh [Recommend]

I recommend once in your life to reward yourself and your loved ones with a trip to an Italian restaurant to enjoy the food here. Why do we recommend this to you? Not only food, but all services here also bring comfort and greatness. However, this restaurant model is still not widely popular in many regions around the world. So today's article Luxcity will help you better understand this type of Italian restaurant and give you 10 suggestions for Italian restaurants in Phnom Penh so you can choose the right place for you.

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The Italian restaurant is also one of the restaurants with outstanding architecture because of its elegance
The Italian restaurant is also one of the restaurants with outstanding architecture because of its elegance

What is an Italian restaurant?

Italian restaurants are also one of the food and drink business models favored by people all over the world. Most of the visitors to these restaurants are high-income people who are willing to pay for these luxurious and delicious meals. Service in Italian restaurants is excellent, quality is always first.


The Italian restaurant is a restaurant model mainly for people with high incomes and senior officials
The Italian restaurant is a restaurant model mainly for people with high incomes and senior officials

Features of dishes at Italian restaurants in Phnom Penh

Italian cuisine is typical of the Mediterranean Sea – very simple, focusing on natural ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, green vegetables, and whole grains. This makes the country's cuisine the healthiest in the world.

Research shows that eating the Italian style can effectively support weight loss, control blood sugar and reduce the risk of depression. It can be said that Italian cuisine is both simple and unique.

Unlike American fast food, Italian food always ensures a balance of energy and nutrition. To fully understand why Italian cuisine is so unique, so different and so popular across the globe, pay attention to Italian culture and its key ingredients.

If you have ever enjoyed the taste of French food, you will be strongly impressed by the elaborately prepared meals with the sauces made meticulously for hours. And to cook French food, the French have to learn to cook. Italian food is the polar opposite of the complexity of France. The food in Italy anyone can cook, Italian chefs do not keep their recipes secret but always share them with others. We can learn to cook Italian from cookbooks, on the Internet, with simple ingredients that can be found anywhere.

Their dishes also require no effort and take too much of your preparation time! Because they are made from simple ingredients and the process is not too complicated with the cooking philosophy of "Anyone can prepare a delicious and attractive meal in the right restaurant standard for the whole family without No experience in fine dining is required. This aspect reflects the Italian culture - where everyone cherishes family meals, even if it is a family of many generations living together, they still eat together. And that makes it possible for home cooks to master the basics of procedural cooking. Of the top Italian restaurants in the world today, this is no exception. No matter how complex the taste, the love of the food is the most important thing. Delicious food because it is always filled with the love of the cook

Italian food has only a few ingredients, but the difference from the cuisine of other countries lies mainly in the freshness of those ingredients. The food used for cooking is always of top quality. Italians cook with the style of the season, the fresher the better. They go to the market every day, cooking for the day while everything is freshest. Imagine, can you see the difference between a tomato just picked in your garden and a tomato that's been sitting for a few days in the supermarket fridge?

That's right, Italians believe that to be delicious, the ingredients must be in the freshest state.

The simplicity of the dish also lies in the fact that Italians do not like to use food imported from abroad. They use locally sourced food whenever possible.

The beautiful country of Italy is made up of more than 20 different cultural regions, each developing its dishes. In addition, the difference in climate is also the reason why the ingredients in the food will have their unique flavor according to each locality.

For example, the same pasta dish, and the same seafood dishes, but the ingredients belong to different regions, with the spices of different origins. Thereby creating a culinary culture with a diverse set of regional recipes and cooking techniques.


The common feature is mainly the same as European style, luxury, and modern
The common feature is mainly the same European style, luxury, and modern

Design features of an Italian restaurant in Phnom Penh

Modern-style restaurant design space

The first thing you need to think about when you intend to design a restaurant in European style is that the restaurant space must be spacious and large. The reason is that Europeans love the spacious and airy spaces as their personality and personality. So you absolutely must not forget this when you want to make a restaurant.

Planning and layout design space for areas

After considering the space for the whole restaurant, then you need to plan the smaller space and the layout and design for the area inside the restaurant in the most reasonable way.

In the main lobby area, where to eat and enjoy, you should leave the customer seats with the most reasonable space between the tables and other furniture. Compared with the design of Japanese and Korean restaurants, the usable area also needs to be expanded because Europeans occupy a larger area and size than Asians. 

Attention should be paid to the privacy between customers and customers, and between customers and employees by creating moderate gaps.

Design of the Italian-style restaurant area

The next thing that comes to mind is who are your target customers? Has the potential or not? That is very important because your restaurant will have to spend a huge amount of investment, so it will have to bring customers with relatively strong economic conditions, and a large number to become potential customers of your restaurant. you are.

Italian-style restaurant interior design

Next, the interior space of the restaurant must be designed in harmony and bold European luxury and fashion.

You should use large chandeliers, and arrange tables and chairs in harmony to decorate the wall with simple and gentle motifs but leave a strong and elegant impression on customers.

Chairs with dark wood frames combined with dark cushions covered with split-zone leather are always the highlight of a large space.

The outstanding features of European style in interior design are the layout of the lobby area, the dining room for guests, the kitchen, the VIP private dining room, etc., the pillared architecture, and the angular layout of the lines. Symmetrical but still brings softness and flexibility thanks to winding lines.

The delicate lines in the construction design of the European restaurant along with the luxurious furniture will create a wonderfully intimate space when diners enjoy the food. Green plants will contribute to adding freshness and vitality to the restaurant space. 

Prioritize large-scale furniture such as chandeliers, and large paintings, .. to increase the luxury of the restaurant

Color and light design inside European restaurant

In the European interior style, the main colors are gentle white colors but bring elegance, sophistication, perfect feeling, and extremely luxurious. Especially when combined with yellow, which is also the color that Europeans love to create highlights and accents for the interior. Sunny yellow - helps balance colors, brings warmth, and closeness and is a point of nobility that impresses the restaurant.

With a large space, when you use dark colors with warm tones like yellow-orange under yellow light, it creates a luxurious, gentle and charming space.

Lighting contributes to the importance of the restaurant: Also two colors like the above decoration, white light, and yellow light combine in the restaurant to create a warm, gentle, commercial design. The restaurant brand is sparkling and romantic, with a bit of a classic style combined with modern.


The design structure must be made by a highly qualified person because it is very neat
The design structure must be made by a highly qualified person because it is very neat

Top 10 the best Italian Restaurant in Phnom Penh


One of the delicious dishes is served at Topaz, Phnom Penh. For more than two decades, Topaz has served Phnom Penh with fine French cuisine, creating an innovative modern flair. The menu includes set lunch and dinner options, as well as a la carte dining. A Sunday brunch is also available, and the restaurant regularly organizes tours from renowned international chefs to cook a special series of menus in the kitchen. Packing sophisticated modern dishes, Topaz is a top choice for elegant dining.

Khema Pasteur

If you fancy the complimentary breakfast, wine, and cheese, enjoy a weekend brunch, high tea, or sip on some fine French cuisine, then head straight to Khéma Pasteur. There is a second, newer location near the Post Office. And it also houses a well-stocked wine cellar, with a selection of wines from around the world.

Balcony at FCC in Phnom Penh

FCC Cambodia Cambodia Foreign Correspondents Club, affectionately known as FCC, is popular with tourists watching the sunset and happy hour from the balcony of the colonial building overlooking the Mekong and Tonle Rivers Sap. FCC serves drinks and food around the clock, with Asian and Western fusion on the menu.

Italian restaurant Luigi

 Following in the very successful footsteps of Piccola Italia Da Luigi on 308 Street, the owners opened a second store in the form of Luigi's, near the Russian market. While the thin and crispy Italian pizza for which Piccola is famous is served, the spot is also undoubtedly the capital's freshest pasta and a host of other delicious Italian-inspired dishes.

Backyard Cafe

Catering to the number of drinkers with a lot of supplements who prefer to include more healthy foods in their diets, Backyard Cafe offers a wide range of vegan, vegetarian and raw food options. Think quinoa, pumpkin, and hummus salad, and a hearty earthy bowl of lentils, roasted cauliflower, brown rice, roasted red peppers, pickled beets, guacamole, spinach, and activated almonds.

Farm to Table

This restaurant boasts a lush courtyard with tractors, free-roaming hens, and potted plants for sale, giving it a farm-like field and making it a great family in the city. city. As the brainchild of the team behind the artillery, Farm to Table's goal is to promote organic food and farming within Cambodia, boasting a wide range of healthy meals as well as fruits. trees and vegetables.

Le Bouchon Wine Bar

This sophisticated setting - a converted colonial villa - is the perfect place to enjoy a few evening cocktails or a glass of French wine with a meal. The open space downstairs is home to a bar and barbecue restaurant, with the house upstairs offering an outdoor terrace and air-conditioned indoor space. Meals include tapas for main courses, along with the much-recommended coq au vin.

Oskar Bistro

As Oskar's sister in Bangkok, Phnom Penh's offering was a luxurious undertaking that greeted the upper echelons of Khmer society. Boasting an extensive cocktail menu, food, and tunes from resident and guest DJs, Oskar is often packed until closing in the early hours. The kitchen is open until midnight on weekdays and at 1 am on weekends.

Fat Passion

This hip joint is a relatively recent addition to the capital, serving up a carefully selected selection of dishes in an intimate yet stylish setting. Creative options include eight-hour smoked pork belly, broccolini, smoked potato foam, tamarind sauce and breaded pork, couscous cauliflower, and crab and shrimp ravioli.

Black Bambu

Housed in a beautiful Art Deco building, Black Bambu is a restaurant with a heart. Serving as the final step in the Cambodian Children's Fund's vocational training program, the restaurant serves up a selection of creative tapas and main courses. All profits are plowed into CCF's work with disadvantaged youth.


Treat yourself to dinner at an Italian restaurant to feel what we describe
Treat yourself to dinner at an Italian restaurant to feel what we describe

After reading this article, you must also understand the specific characteristics, selection criteria, and experience when enjoying food at an Italian restaurant in Phnom Penh, right? Luxcity hotel always hopes to bring the most useful information to customers, wish you can choose a restaurant in Phnom Penh that is suitable for having a satisfactory evening. If you still have questions, please contact Luxcity to be resolved them as quickly as possible.

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