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Top 10 Best Khmer Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Traveling to Cambodia in recent years is a journey chosen by many tourists because Cambodia is a country with many famous scenic spots, the people are also extremely friendly and especially, Cambodia is the land of Cambodia. Hundreds of delicious dishes that are equally unique. So what are the specialties that you cannot miss in your journey to discover and enjoy Cambodian cuisine? How famous is a Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh? Let's find out with Luxcity in today's article.

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The country of Cambodia is famous for its beauty, cleanliness, and safety in each dish
The country of Cambodia is famous for its beauty, cleanliness, and safety in each dish

Features of Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh

Simple interior

Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh selects decorative details that are traditional, simple, sophisticated, and easy to apply to many practical items. Besides, there is a skillful interweaving of modern style to bring comfort and convenience to users.

The design of dining tables and chairs, cabinets, bars, etc. in the restaurant often brings a feeling of closeness and familiarity like the Phnom Penh houses themselves. The design is simple but still exudes sophistication and sophistication, creating a light, cozy but also extremely luxurious and classy space.

Architectural design also brings beauty close to brick, terracotta, natural wood,... classical architectural standards.

Natural materials in the restaurant

  • Wood: The most commonly used material because of its durability as well as its high aesthetic value. Easy to apply for many other purposes such as from architecture to interior: ceilings, beams, floors, dining tables and chairs, cabinets, decorations, bars, cashier counters, etc.
  • Bamboo/bamboo/coconut: These woody perennial green plant materials have high strength and excellent toughness. They are used to make tables and chairs, wall panels, and decorative items with soft lines, charm, and high art look. Moreover, this is also a typical material associated with the countryside and people of Phnom Penh.
  • Brick: Two common types of bricks in Indochinese-style restaurant design are cement bricks and fired bricks. This is a unique feature of the Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh in the construction design, it brings a luxurious look, but is also close to simplicity.
  • Industrial materials: Prioritize products made from natural materials, but also do not forget to apply the results of the new era. Materials such as steel, PVC, metal, etc. are combined to increase the solidity of the building, creating quality interior products.

Neutral colors in Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh

Light yellow, cream yellow, white, and especially brown wood tones are the main colors when designing restaurant interiors. These are gentle, simple colors that bring a sense of elegance and closeness but are equally luxurious.

To create accents, a special highlight in the designs will be the appearance of outstanding color tones such as orange, red, and blue,... They are cleverly interwoven on the cushions of the pieces. dining chairs, wall paintings, and decorations in the restaurant.

Gentle nostalgic space

A "quality" restaurant space gives diners many different emotions. From the romantic, sweet French feel to the deep and peaceful traditional features, along with the youthfulness of modern life.

Khmer restaurants in Phnom Penh often reserve a central location for customers traveling in groups. Around will arrange quiet or open or private corners for customers traveling alone or 2 people.

With a style that is in great harmony with natural elements, many restaurants also take advantage of the outdoor space to serve guests who love the open space.

Highly artistic decorations

To decorate a Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh, you must use the following: Buddha statues, screens, hand-carved reliefs, classical wall lights, etc.

Trees are an indispensable decorative element. Arrange them around the culinary space, hanging on the ceiling to help purify the air, and bring energy and beauty to the space.

Decorative motifs are a special mark that creates an identity for the style. The most typical is the period motif with the combination and integration of many rhombi, circles, triangles, and curves,... You can easily see them on partitions, dining tables, and chairs in restaurants.

In addition, motifs of animals, and flowers also appear quite a lot of still-life objects, wall paintings, lotus flowers, etc. They make the culinary space more impressive and attractive. 


Khmer food is mainly prepared according to a clean and safe process for guests to enjoy
Khmer food is mainly prepared according to a clean and safe process for guests to enjoy

Cuisine often appears in Khmer restaurants in Phnom Penh 

What is special about Cambodian cuisine, is it like Vietnamese cuisine or Thai cuisine? Not known for its busy shopping areas like Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan, Cambodia is a culinary paradise for foodies and an interesting destination for tourists who want to experience Southeast Asian cuisine. Traveling to Cambodia, you can follow the journey of 5 days 4 nights or 4 days 3 nights which is the perfect time to enjoy the atmosphere of the land of pagodas and pagodas. The most beautiful time of the year to travel to Cambodia is from November to April next year. Take this time to enjoy many famous dishes in Cambodia. And the following are the dishes that tourists cannot miss when coming to Cambodia.


Take this time to enjoy many famous dishes in Cambodia. 
Take this time to enjoy many famous dishes in Cambodia. 

Fried insects

People often joke that "Going to Cambodia without enjoying the delicious fried insects is not called Cambodia". This is a dish that surely many tourists are not "brave" enough to taste. Skuno Market in Cambodia is famous for fried insects such as cockroaches, ca Cuong, spiders, bugs, clones, frogs, and even scorpions... The dishes that tourists try the most are ca Cuong, and bugs. scorpions, spiders, and cockroaches.


One of the items that tourists buy the most as gifts is jaggery. Palm sugar is a famous specialty of Cambodia. Sugar is made from the exudate of the jaggery tree - a very popular tree in Cambodia. Palm sugar is used a lot by Cambodian people instead of normal sugar, especially used in dishes such as fish stock, cooked with tea and mixed with water, with a sweet, aromatic taste that contains many minerals and vitamins.

Famous Amok fish

A dish imbued with the flavor of the country, Amok fish is loved by tourists for its delicious taste from jaggery, kroeung, and coconut water, combined with fish or can also be replaced with chicken. Amok is a street food that you can easily find on the streets.

Khmer Red Curry

Among the specialties that tourists must try, Khmer red curry is a dish with a sweet, greasy taste. Curry dishes are selected by Cambodians with ingredients from beef, chicken, green beans, kroeung, potatoes, lemongrass, and coconut milk and are often used with bread. The blend of typical ingredients and unique features make a difference, Khmer red curry will make it hard to refuse when enjoying this dish.

Flat rice cake

Belonging to the top of the rustic and very simple Cambodian dishes, flat rice cake is a delicious dish that belongs to the specialty of the country of pagodas and towers. The flat rice dish is made from carefully selected young rice grains, with a characteristic aroma and sweet taste. Banh Com is used a lot by Cambodian people in daily meals, especially at dessert parties. Rice cake combined with the sweet taste of sugar and the greasy taste of coconut will be a dish that will make you always remember the country and people of Cambodia.

Palm wine

Palm wine is a type of wine that visitors to Cambodia enjoy quite a lot. Like many other specialties, jaggery appears a lot at parties. Jaggery has a rich flavor and light yeast, so it is easy to drink, especially for female tourists. Not only that but jaggery is also bought by tourists as gifts a lot. If you have the opportunity to travel to Cambodia, buy a few bottles as gifts for your loved ones.

Nom Banh Chok

Equally attractive compared to other specialties, Nom Banh Chok is a dish that tourists can easily find throughout the streets of Cambodia from street vendors. Nom Banh Chok consists of ingredients such as noodles, fish sauce, banana flowers, fresh vegetables, papaya, lotus root.. and a richly spicy blend of greasy curry. The special thing about Nom Banh Chok is that because the noodles do not use borax at all, they are not as tough as noodles in other places, but they will be safe and bring a much more appetizing feeling to the eater.

Stir-fried red ants with beef

Not only famous for fried insects, but Cambodia also makes visitors go from surprise to surprise with the dish of red ants stir-fried with beef. The dish is seasoned with beef, red ants, ginger, garlic, chili, and lemongrass. Red ants have a sour taste that will balance out the delicious taste of each piece of beef. When you come to Cambodia, remember to try once-fried red ants with beef to enjoy the interesting things in Cambodian cuisine.

Khmer Lap

Prominent in culinary culture, Khmer Lap is sold well by shops because tourists not only buy it to enjoy but also use it as a gift for friends and family. Khmer Lap has an attractive sour taste, the delicious taste of thinly sliced ​​beef with the aroma of lemongrass, chili, fish sauce, and garlic stimulates the taste buds of the eater hard to resist.

Street barbecues

For foodies, Cambodian street foods are delicious Cambodian dishes that cannot be missed. Most tourists to Cambodia have at least once enjoyed the taste of grilled dishes in shops, eateries, and restaurants in every corner of Cambodia. The food is diverse and unique from the source of beef, chicken, shrimp, squid, and fish... fully seasoned, attractive, and grilled on a charcoal stove impregnated with jaggery. Therefore, the rows of barbecue streets in Cambodia are always crowded with people visiting to enjoy.

Black pepper fried crab

During your long Cambodia tour, visit Kampot province in the south of Cambodia to enjoy great specialties and explore the vast black pepper farm. Here, there is a fried crab with black pepper, which is the raw material from fresh pepper taken directly from the farm to give a delicious flavor to this dish.

Not only attracting tourists with these dishes, but Cambodia also has many other rich culinary flavors such as Cambodian bread or Cambodian noodle soup. Cambodian noodle soup is used a lot by people but not all tourists coming to the country know it. Through the list of dishes that we list here, you often save them right away so you can enjoy all the dishes boldly Cambodian.


Not only attracting tourists with these dishes, but Cambodia also has many other rich culinary flavors
Not only attracting tourists with these dishes, but Cambodia also has many other rich culinary flavors

Top 10 Best Khmer Restaurants in Phnom Penh 

Eleven One Kitchen

Nestled in a tropical garden, Eleven One Kitchen restaurant serves casual and delicious Khmer dishes.

With a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, one of Boeung Keng Kang's best restaurants cooks up a variety of local dishes, with cheap breakfasts and hot lunch menus.

It features a large outdoor area with a large canopy, surrounded by shady tropical foliage. There is also a large indoor space that can get busy at lunchtime.

Anise Hotel and Restaurant

As one of the best restaurants in the Boeung Keng Kang area located in the Anise Hotel, it serves a wide range of Southeast Asian specialties with a focus on Cambodian cuisine.

This popular tropical paradise serves all kinds of casual local dishes, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These include rice and noodle dishes, authentic Cambodian curries - much lighter and sweeter than neighboring countries - and seafood options.

Digby's Bar & Grill Restaurant

Digby's is a modern restaurant and grocer that prides itself on providing Phnom Penh with top-quality products, from meats and cheeses to imported bread and packaged goods.

This is also one of the best restaurants in the Boeung Keng Kang area, serving fusion dishes, and mixing Asian and Western tastes. Breakfast and lunch are always available.

Samaky Restaurant and Lounge

Also located in the center of the backpacker section on Road 278, opposite Wat Langka, Samaky is one of the best restaurants in the Boeung Keng Kang area, a favorite place for those traveling to Cambodia...

Specializing in Cambodian food, Western dishes are also on the menu, so you can choose both if you want. This spacious al fresco eatery offers a relaxed place to enjoy dinner before hitting the many popular bars in the area.

Mexicano Restaurant

If Mexican food tickles your fancy, there are plenty of options in Phnom Penh. Mexicano Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Boeung Keng Kang area for Mexican food.

The concise menu covers a wide range of authentic Mexican dishes, including Banh tet and burgers. Margaritas are a great way to "dessert" dinner. The plump burritos are a must-try.

Sushi Bar

There is no shortage of top-quality Japanese restaurants in Phnom Penh, thanks to the large Japanese ex-pat community. If sushi is your thing, head to The Sushi Bar, one of the best restaurants in the Boeung Keng Kang area.

This is a spacious two-story restaurant with outdoor seating and private rooms. The menu includes a wide range of sushi and sashimi options, bento sets, steamed dishes, and noodles. Of course, there's sake as well. This is a great place to go with a group of friends, order food, and start sharing.

Farm to Table

Boasting a leafy green garden, free-roaming hens, friendly cats, and potted plants (for sale), Farm to Table resembles a small farm in the heart of Phnom Penh.

Farm to Table's goal is to promote organic and agricultural food in Cambodia, offering a wide range of healthy meals. If you like live music, then 6 pm on a Friday is the best time to head to one of the best restaurants in this Boeung Keng Kang area.


Fans of Italian food have plenty of options in Phnom Penh, but Terrazza is one of the best.

This chic eatery offers a true taste of Italy, with a menu full of dishes using the finest imported Italian ingredients. The menu takes diners on a culinary journey through Italy, with antipasto, carp, pizza, fresh pasta, giant salads, soups, risotto, and a wide range of seafood and meat dishes.

Bistro Langka

Phnom Penh's dining scene sometimes takes a while to explore, with many of the best restaurants tucked away within an intricate web of nooks and crannies.

Bistro Langka is located on such a narrow street, off Road 51 between Roads 288 and 294, near Wat Langka. This cute eatery specializes in fine French food without the high prices, served in a casual setting.

The compact menu changes regularly, with a focus on serving fresh dishes that combine local ingredients with French flavors.

DEVA - Lounge Bar Restaurant

This chic rooftop bar and restaurant have a stylish atmosphere and great views. There are private seats with comfortable sofas. A range of signature cocktails is served at the well-stocked central bar, which also offers a wide range of spirits, wines, and beers. An extensive food menu is available until after midnight.


Give yourself a trip to Cambodia to discover all the uniqueness of Cambodian culinary culture
Give yourself a trip to Cambodia to discover all the uniqueness of Cambodian culinary culture

It can be seen that Cambodia is a destination with many delicious dishes and famous sights. In particular, traveling to Cambodia during this month is the time when you will enjoy the most beautiful weather. Give yourself a trip to Cambodia to discover all the uniqueness of Cambodian culinary culture. We hope this article about restaurants in Phnom Penh as well as an introduction to Khmer culinary culture will be useful for your travel. If you have any questions, please contact Luxcity for answers.

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